A Guide to Food Allergies – Surviving the Reactions

A Guide to Food Allergies – Surviving the Reactions

If you find that you are allergic to certain kinds of beverages and foods, then you will have to exercise selective eating. Sometimes our body has a negative immunologic reaction in the presence of certain food proteins.

Today, several reading material is available on the topic of food allergy that can help you understand everything you need to know about food allergies. ” Five Years without Food” is one such book that helps you survive food allergies. This book will give you an overview on allergic foods as well as alternatives to foods that you cannot and can eat. In addition to all this, the book also suggests the necessary treatment survival food kits for food allergy. Furthermore, the author makes a personal testimonial in the book making it credible.

Apart from all the information available in this book, there are some facts that you should keep in mind regarding food allergy.

Usually, adults develop allergies to food items such as tree nuts, eggs, shellfish, fish and peanuts. Kids, usually get allergies to milk, eggs and peanuts. If you suspect that you have food allergy, the first thing you need to do is gain as much knowledge regarding the allergy as possible. In doing this, you will be equipping yourself to recover and overcome such allergies.

At this point, we shall discuss some important food allergies, their symptoms, and the alternative foods corresponding to them.

Egg Allergy

Usually people suffering from this kind of allergies are hypersensitive to all foods that contain components of eggs- the yolk or the white.

Usually, for a definite period of time, you will have to restrict the consumption of food items that contain eggs. Nowadays, there are many egg substitutes available in the market such as potato starch and tapioca. Another alternative is apple sauce.

Nut Allergy

Some people experience allergic attacks due to over sensitivity to tree nuts. Peanut allergy and nut allergy should not be confused for each other. They are different as tree nuts are actually dry fruits.

If you need to restrict tree nuts in your diet, you can try consuming food items made from soy nuts as an alternative. Soy nuts are not actually nuts; they are just soaked and baked soybean that is crisp.

Milk Allergy

Many people develop allergies when they ingest cow milk protein. This means that the individual is allergic to milk.

In order to make the best of your milk allergy treatment, milk allergens must be avoided entirely. The alternative foods that can give you the nutrition from milk include rice milk or soy milk.

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