Bat Rolling – Are There Really Any Benefits?

Bat Rolling – Are There Really Any Benefits?

Bat Rolling has been around for a few years and is just now starting to hit the mainstream in the baseball and fastpitch community. If you are interested in getting your bats rolled, you have probably read some information on the topic before you are reading this. You would know that perpendicular rolling followed by parallel is how most companies are rolling bats (and it has proven to yield more distance). You probably already know that this is just an accelerated break in process that can also be done manually from hitting about 500-700 balls. The last sentence touched on one of the benefits of rolling; a speedy break in process. Composite bats get “hotter” as they hit baseballs or softballs and rolling simulates about 500-700 hits on a bat.

Along with this accelerated break in is a consistent break in along the entire sweet spot. There will not be a dead sot anywhere along the center of the bat. The biggest reason to get a bat rolled is the distance that is gained. There has been a controlled scientific study that proves that bat rolling increases batted ball speed (which means more distance). These studies came to the conclusion that the bats they had rolled hit up to 40 feet. This was a study of just two bats but bat rolling companies go with the 20 to 40 feet increase in distance as a standard. There are some YouTube videos out there that have the distance gained as high as 45 feet.

Some eBay bat rolling companies boast 60 feet gained and I would say this is a possibility on a select few bats. Almost seems unbelievable that a bat can make that big of distance with a batted ball. Even on the low end of the scale 20 feet is like the size of two warning tracks. I know there have been plenty of long fly balls I have hit that were 토토사이트 snagged as outs. Bat rolling would have propelled these hits into homeruns, even if the results were minimal. I was skeptical as I read about the results of rolling until I purchased a machine to test it out on my own bats. I noticed a huge difference in distance as I rolled and then hit a 2005 Synergy Extended.

As of that moment, I understood rolling bats worked and would be a main stay in the slow pitch softball community. It then had worked its way into the fastpitch community and the collegiate baseball community. So now everyone was beginning to understand the benefits of rolling. Recently the NCAA realized that bat rolling increased the distance of a batted ball also. Homeruns had increased dramatically from one year to the next and accusations of rolling bats at the collegiate level were flying. The NCAA acted by placing a ban on all composite bats and went back to aluminum. The funny thing is that aluminum bats can also be rolled for an increase in distance, although not as significant.

Bat rolling will increase the batted ball’s distance with every type of baseball or softball bat and will save time on breaking in the bat. If you don not mind giving up your bat for a little less than a week then bat rolling is definitely a huge plus for any player on the diamond.

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