Buy Golf Clubs and After That Join a Club – Benefits of Golf Club Membership

Buy Golf Clubs and After That Join a Club – Benefits of Golf Club Membership

All golfers new to the sport will at some point be confronted with a basic question – should I apply for a club membership? Following the effort to go out and buy golf clubs and to learn the basics of the game at the local pay-and-play course, the inevitable question of golf club Vclubshop membership will always arise.

The initial reaction of most new golfers regarding club membership is that it is potentially expensive and also that the benefits are far from clear. During this small article I outline a number of the reasons and benefits I do believe swing the decision towards taking the membership approach.

Sadly, it’s true to state that the image and standing of golf club membership was tarnished over a long period by the often portrayed stories of rich old men propping up the club bar for hours at a time. Whilst this was undoubtedly true to a great extent in numerous clubs across the nation, the situation now couldn’t be any further from the truth. The sport of golf along with all its associated aspects has undergone an enormous overhaul throughout the past three decades. With the wide accessibility to cheap golf equipment the sport is now one for the people everywhere. Though there may still be golf clubs plodding along with their heads in the sand, refusing to simply accept modernisation, these are completely in the Vclubshop minority and a dying breed. There’s no reason whatsoever for a new golfer to be fearful of taking up membership and in my estimation the massive benefits will outweigh any perceived negatives.

Precisely what are the benefits?

1. Handicap certificate maintenance – for anyone who is serious about the game and wanting to improve their standard of play then they’ll definitely need a handicap certificate. The easiest way to acquire one and to maintain it is via golf club membership.

2. Regular competitions – the largest majority of golf club members are competitive and relish the prospect of pitting themselves against fellow members and players from other clubs. All golf clubs arrange regular competitions and matches.

3. Meet new friends and acquaintances – clubs are packed with people with a shared interest and it’s therefore easy to find and make new friends inside a golf club environment. After you have got to know a number of people it is then usually very simple to get a game.

4. Social Events – any golf club of note will have a full calendar of social events. This presents the ideal opportunity to take your non-playing partner and friends along to the club to enjoy the facilities and to generally have a good time

5. PGA lessons – large improvements with your game are likely Vclubshop to come about due to a combination of coaching and hard work. Most clubs will have a resident PGA teaching professional who will be qualified to provide you with all the lessons and coaching you’ll need. Being based in the golf club it is often possible for lessons to be sometimes held on the course thus providing you with ideas with regard to the best way to play it correctly.

You will find there’s school of thought which says that golf club membership just isn’t really worth the joining fee (if there is one) along with the annual membership. Due to the considerable benefits that are to be enjoyed I strongly disagree and would encourage all golfers to join one just as quickly as possible. You won’t look back!

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