Crocheted Baby Blanket – The Best Newborn Gift

Crocheted Baby Blanket – The Best Newborn Gift

Several yarn manufacturers produce special materials for babies and toddlers’ delicate skin. The soft texture and comforting colors are ideal for making a baby blanket. So, if you want to give out the most practical and useful gift to a newborn baby, then this is certainly a great idea. You can even crochet your own baby blanket using the same patterns for adult blankets.

Materials and Size

You will need a few materials for making crocheted baby blanket such as 18 ounces of weight yarn and size H crochet hook. Choose only yarns that are specifically made for babies and the ideal size for the blanket should be between 32-35 inches in size. Your crochet style will determine the resulting size of the blanket you were able to make though. Loose styles can produce larger blankets, while tighter ones can produce something smaller.


The process of crocheting follows a series of crochet patterns Webbing Tourniquet for the hook. You will be using a combination of single or double crochet, depending on the pattern that you want to achieve. You will start from one end of a row until you reach the other end. You can continue with crocheting different rows together until you have reached the desired size for your baby blanket. Once you reach the end, simply cut off the yarn and perform a crochet hook loop to seal the end of the yarn that you cut off.


To add an aesthetic touch to your crocheted baby blanket, you need to perform a yarn loop on the crochet hook. Then, slip the last stitch onto the first row. The alternate color pattern enables you to create a beautiful pattern.

Once you have reached the last end of the stitch, you can weave its tail to secure all the yarns together. If you have a background on crocheting, then making your own baby blanket should be easy enough. If you don’t, then there are several stores online and offline that offer crocheted blankets for newborn. Both the baby and its parents should be pleased with this creative yet useful gift idea.

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