Getting Pregnant While on Pills

Getting Pregnant While on Pills

There have been many cases of women getting pregnant while on the pill. This doesn’t mean that the pills aren’t effective but there are a number of factors that usually limit the effectiveness of the pills. It is important to bear in mind that in theory, many of the pills manufacturers claim that they are 99 percent effective but the reality is that most of the anti-pregnancy pills are just around 95 percent effective. The type of pills you take is equally vital but you still can increase the effectiveness of the pills by taking the following precautionary measures.

Sometimes, you may miscalculate on the actual day your cycle is starting. This is a common occurrence among many women. If you realize that you had started your cycle one day late, you simply have to take two pills immediately and follow it up with one pill each day Cytotec cochabamba after that. But there are times when you notice that you are already three or four days late in your cycle, you simply have to call your doctor immediately for further instructions on other temporary birth control measure.

Many women also make the mistake of skipping a day or two and this has proved to be the commonest reason why cases of getting pregnant while on the pill is prevalent. The solution is quite simple, the moment you remember that you missed yesterday’s birth control pill, you just have to take it immediately and also take the day’s own. You shouldn’t leave it till the next day because things might get out of hand. Take that pill you missed and continue with your usual daily dose. If for any reason you missed two successive days without taking your pills, you are advised to take two soon as you remember for the next two days. After that, you can continue with your regular doses. But you may opt for some kind of backup birth control in this kind of situation so that you wouldn’t be caught unawares.

Getting pregnant while on the pill is quite common among women these days mainly because of these two outlined factors but now that you know; you have to be careful and also note that it is better to stay away from intercourse if you had mistakenly missed you daily pills till your next cycle. If you are in doubt, your doctor is just a call away.

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