How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

How to Choose a Real Estate Agency

The facts are that not all real estate agents are created equal, they are not trained the same way and they do not all get good education. Most agents come into the real estate business thinking all they have to do is go to school and pass a test to get licensed and their ready to hit the streets to sell homes.

This something that further from the truth just because someone passes a test does not mean they have the knowledge and expertise to handle the largest purchase of someone’s life. One of the biggest issues that are always apparent is the lack of education agents receive after they receive their license.

So how can you identify a true Professional?

This is something that is really easy to identify who has invested in training and education it all in the letters after the person’s name. If you see and agents sign or ad and you see letters after their name this means they have continuing education. Don’t think for one moment that just saying they are a Realtor means they have training and the experience to help you make the purchase of a lifetime.

So what Letters are important to see?

Well for starters there is the GRI if you see this it means this agent a Graduate of the Real Estate Institute. But it does not stop there because there is GRI 1 through 6. The agent who graduated from all six levels has over 180 hours of classroom study and has been in the real estate business for over two years.

If you see CRS this means Certified Residential Specialist meaning they have been in the real estate business for some time and have taken extensive training not just anyone can receive this designation it’s an honor.

The letter ABR is that this person has taken training as a Accredited Buyers Representative to work with buyers and offer special knowledge that focus on buyer needs which are different then Seller of Real Estate.

There are many different designations that one could achieve in real estate and the more letters after ones name the more this professional believes that by receiving extensive training and education the more they believe in the service to their clients. It also shows that they are at the top 1% of all real estate people because just having a license and paying the real estate board dues does not make one a professional in the field of Real Estate.

In fact even attorneys who do not practice Blossoms By The Park Showflat real estate and take on a client without the knowledge and training are not doing their clients a service. Think about this in law school they only have about 30 hours of real estate in all the years in school but they have a license to give advice more than a professional Real Estate Expert who has Hundreds of hours of classroom training and thousands of hours of practical experience.

So when you are thinking of Buying or Selling look and ask about the agents training and background the agent who has advanced their career through education and training will proudly display this to the public they want all to know that they are the very best and always striving to be better.

Remember the More Letters after their name the more they know they more they will give the guidance and expertise to make your best purchase or sale.

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