There Are Many Choices in Heaters for Your Sauna Today

There Are Many Choices in Heaters for Your Sauna Today

Everybody knows that to be healthy, a person should follow a well balanced diet. But do you know that sweating also plays an important role in keeping us healthy? Sweating helps eliminate body wastes and normalize body temperature. Through sweating, a person can rid himself of about 30% of body wastes. Most people would resort to exercise to sweat but others who have busy schedules and those that hate strenuous exercise would opt for sauna or steam bathing to induce the healthy flow of sweat.

The heater is the core of any sauna. Without a heater, a sauna will simply be a room ineffectual to inducing the all too important sweat. The two basic functions of a sauna heater are to generate heat and produce steam. A heater could be wood burning, oil and gas fueled, electric or infrared.

Saunas using wood burning heaters are most common in the country or in areas where there is a plentiful supply of firewood. Some people would opt for this kind of heater as watching the flames and the scent of burning wood would enhance the experience. Wood burning heaters are advisable in places where electricity supply is unreliable or unavailable. A drawback of this kind heater is the irregular temperature and of course the time and effort that will be spent in cleaning the sauna.

Electric heaters have emerged to be a popular choice because it is an easier and more efficient way of heating a sauna. Features such as timer, thermostat and light switches make the electric sauna heater more convenient to use. A properly insulated room is needed to maximize the efficiency of this heater. Some electric heaters have wood heaters programmable controls. Some are so appealing to the eye with its varied colors. For optimum efficiency of the electric heater, the size of the room must be considered.

As the name imply, infrared heaters are those that emit infrared rays directly to the body of the user. Unlike other heaters, infrared heaters heat the surrounding area very minimally. Because of the dry air, the sauna may be used at a longer period of time and people find the infrared heat more comfortable as compared to other traditional sauna heaters.

Another kind of sauna heater is the oil and gas heaters. Compared to other heaters, oil and gas sauna heaters are less efficient. These heaters are also less favored because of the less than pleasing smell of the burning fuel.

There are various types of sauna heaters which a person can choose from. Knowing the advantages and drawbacks of these heaters would help in identifying which one to use for the home.

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